How to build GCompris in Linux OS

How to build GCompris in Linux OS

Hello friends…

This blog is all about building GCompris on Linux based os for development purpose. Gcompris is a high-quality educational software suite comprising of numerous activities by KDE.

I am using Fedora 22 for this purpose.

  1. First of all you have to clone Gcompris repo from Github to your local computer.Click here to go . Then Click on “clone or download” green button.github
  2. Unzip the folder.gcompris
  3. Open QtCreator –>Go to FILE menu –>click on Open File or Project. Then a dialog box will appear to select the project. Open the GCompris folder in the dialog box and the “CMakeLists.txt” file.
  4. Build the project by clicking on green triangle on bottom left hand side.

(Optional): If there is a problem regarding QML_BOX2D_LIBRARY . Then click on “Projects” on right hand side.In the Build and Run option, Click on ‘Build’.

Build Setting will appear on right hand side.Search for “QML_BOX2D_LIBRARY”, we have to change its value to path of qmake in qt. In my case it : “/home/nityanand32/Qt5.8.0/5.8/gcc_64/bin”.

We Are Done !!!image_gcom



KDE Plasma on Fedora 22

Installing KDE Plasma workspace on my Fedora OS.

By default Fedora has GNOME desktop environment. So I decided to try KDE as it has lots of widgets. And, I as developer will get lots of opportunity  because it uses C++ language which is my favourite.


I used command line interface for this.

first of all, I login through “root” user and then :

dnf install @kde-desktop

Total download size :383 MB, Type [y/n] for yes or no
There is total 423 packages.

You can find the installing steps at :: HERE

For making KDE a default choice, i choose “Desktop Switcher”  which is pre-installed in Fedora.